If your products are not using smart phones they will become extinct

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So... are your products modern?

Your product line is full of LCD displays and old radio or wire-based connectivity methods. Users want to swipe and tap your device, but they are forced to awkwardly press and hold combinations of physical buttons. As a result, users need a long use and care guide manual to get their devices setup and customer service is drowning in support calls.

Modern products are connected to smart phones.

It's clear where the industry is headed. Modern products use the beautiful smart phone displays customers have in their pockets. These products are connected to the internet and the cloud. Additionally, they are not only products, but platforms that customers expect to be updated periodically just like the smart phones they are connected to. Your product lines have been successful thus far, but if you don't evolve them, you'll be left in the dust.

Don't let your product lines become obsolete.

What if you could be a product leader among your competitors? What if your customers were delighted in how your product uses beautifully laid out displays and intuitive user interfaces? What if your products gave you valuable, realtime, data about your users? What if your products became sources of recurring revenue streams? With these features, your product lines will be the hot item of CES or wherever you show it and your competitors will be scrambling to keep up.

Now, currently connecting your products requires you to select from a wide array of technologies. Will your device use bluetooth or wifi? Should you buy a cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider? What hardware should you chose? What do Apple and Google have to offer?

You can upgrade your product lines.

The good news is, you already have the hardware and product design expertise to enhance your products and bring them into the modern era. Also, there is a wide range of existing tools you can use to get going quickly. To begin though, you need to decide what features you want to offer your users. Then you can set about gaining the development expertise to complete the product.

To get your thinking started, download this free one page guide to 5 IoT platform providers. The services they offer can be integrated into your products. It will get you thinking about what features you can add to your product lines.

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