Gradison Technologies is an implementer of mobile apps for the connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT). We help small manufacturers update their products to leverage the versatility of smart phones. We use agile development practices and app analytics to build quickly and continuously improve the product well after it is initially developed. We are shipping thousands of devices in 2016.


I help you evolve your product line to utilized the latest smart phone technology from the start of the project to the finish. I can help you with these main services. Projects can start with as little as $500.

Road-mapping session: Discuss the project and put together a time line for the project. Identify key IoT software and hardware technologies to utilize on the project and identify major components to develop. $500

Development: Develop mobile applications, ensure connectivity with your devices, work together with your hardware engineers and product managers. $1250 per week and up

Analysis: Analyze live usages. Maintain mobile app software. Report on user usage to feedback to product development and inform future hardware and software updates. Gather metrics for enhanced marketing and product development. Identify recurring revenue opportunities. Continuously increase user enjoyment by adjusting app and adding gamification features. Ideal for existing products and customers who want to increase, or clients who worked with me on development. $1250 per month and up

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Recent work

  • Digital Chef by Maverick Industries
  • Digital Chef combines a wifi-enabled meat thermometer and a fully featured recipe app to deliver a complete in-kitchen cooking solution.